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Content Department

Meet the brains behind every single bite of knowledge that you can see on the social media platforms and website of FIC Aryabhatta. From an Instagram post to the annual magazine, to the website you are reading right now, the team works hard to present the most interesting topics for our audience to ponder over.


Headed by Parth Jaiswal

With his excellent work ethic, he always attempts to preserve harmony and balance throughout the organisation, setting new milestones every day. Parth sets a good example by allowing his uniqueness to shine through in his inventive thoughts and unwavering attention to the execution process. His long-term dedication and drive to achieve the remarkable will undoubtedly propel the Cell to greater heights.


We at Content Department

Our Instagram content is a result of extensive research and fact-checking which is then compiled into concentrated small shots of financial wisdom which you can consume on the go. The website is a whole other ball game as with more freedom of space, the focus shifts from compressed to a much more detailed analysis of the vast world of finance. Providing our members with the best exposure possible, we also have an annual magazine that gives them a chance to diversify their content writing abilities. Publishing their articles, interviewing some of the most renowned personalities, conceptualizing the magazine is an unforgettable experience for the team.

We are responsible for giving words to the creative array of thoughts that we discuss at FIC Aryabhatta. Trying to capture the vast and dynamic world of finance on a daily basis, it is never a dull day at the content department.

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